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Tim Jones – journalist, cameraman, producerVideo can help you find new audiences on YouTube, the second biggest search engine in the world after Google, with more than a billion users worldwide.

For millions (including your customers and clients) it's their preferred search engine of choice. Your video will help you capture this audience and direct them to your website.

Video is an engaging way to to get your key messages across to your target customers, market or age group. Customers and clients can see what you have to offer without wading through words on your website.

Video is a powerful medium for storytelling, and it's also great for client testimonials. Your potential customers are more likely to trust a video testimonial because they can see a real person saying great things about you.

Give me a call and I'll help you film a short, sharp, shareable and professional high-definition video that speaks to your audience and win you business.

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I produce affordable, web-friendly videos that work for your business

Because I can write, shoot and edit films thanks to my experience as a BBC-trained producer, I make affordable videos that you can use on your website, your YouTube channel and on social media.

The kind of snappy, engaging videos I make are web-friendly (I can advise you on the best length and format) and social-media friendly because they're short and to the point.

So they won't slow your website down – or your customers who have limited time on their hands. They may even like them so much they'll share them for you – what better endorsement could you hope for? –  and giving you double value for money!

why choose video?

Video is where your customers are. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world and it has more than a billion users worldwide, so having a video to explain what what you do makes total sense.

The trick is to make short films which are user-friendly and snappy – think bite-sized chunks of video for use on your website and social media. It won't slow your website down, it will grab people who are short of time and it will be easy to share on social media.

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